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Cubical Rooms


So someone needs to make these for office cubicles. That don’t have ‘floors’, but can attach to the tops of standard-sized cube walls using magnets. Most cubes are 6×8 or similar sizes. This would not be hard to manufacture. The only major change is they would have to NOT be water repellant (fire sprinklers) and would have to be flame resistant (which it is not – which is admittedly a bit alarming for something that goes over your bed).


Yes, I know, comments are still not enabled. I’m working on it. I’ve decided to go ahead and integrate with Facebook Comments, since everyone and their dog has a Facebook account, and it’s easier to just let it handle the threading, the spam stomping, and the other nonsense. Plus it kind of moves things back to Facebook after you comment here — you can continue to comment on Facebook about a post without having to come back to the post. Neat, eh? But, yeah… it’s still not enabled. I’m lazy, and busy, and haven’t gotten around to making it look and work exactly like I want it to work. In other news, I’ve finally decided to start posting here. Facebook is…
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I am eventually going to migrate my old website content to here, including all of the tips/howtos that lived on the old site. If you landed here because of a search engine, I apologize. The content you were looking for is offline. As I add things to this new site, I’ll add URL redirects to bounce the old-style web addresses to the new and improved address.